We take much pride in bringing you the culture, authentic taste and cooking from Burma (Myanmar) lovingly prepared from our treasured family recipes. Burmese cuisine reflects a history inspired by surrounding countries and ancient traditions. Coastal, forest, tropical, and mountainous cultures within Burma have all contributed to the rich tastes and aromas you experience in each bite. Our vision is to go beyond just a restaurant and provide guests with a new, wholesome and innovative dining experience that interacts on various levels.


 BURMA BURMA is spearheaded by childhood friends, Chirag Chhajer and Ankit Gupta. The concept of Burma Burma hails from Gupta’s Burmese roots. His mother and her family were brought up in Myanmar which was set the base for the early introduction of the heady flavours of Burmese cuisine. Gupta belongs to a lineage of hoteliers and restaurateurs, hence it only made sense for him to take his mother’s delish recipes with his fathers panache for business and form a powerful amalgamation of the two, the result of which is BURMA BURMA. Armed with the concept, design and layout. Gupta approached his childhood friend Chirag, a food enthusiast, and an avid traveller to turn their young dreams of owning a kitsch establishment into reality. The Artist uses his paintings to express his thoughts. similarly via Burma Burma, Gupta and Chhajer want the end consumers to experience Burma(Myanmar) holistically in terms of Food, Culture and Happiness.

“Because Food is Happiness and Happiness is Food.”