“Burma Burma” is an amalgamation of an all inclusive nouvelle Asian cuisine that deserves the popularity that has been eluded so far. In our quest to showcase our ancestral origin- Burma (Myanmar) and demystify its well guarded cuisine, we have travelled many miles to Myanmar. Thailand, China. North Eastern region of India over a period of time. From streamed buns to parathas, fermented green tea leaves to falooda and from the street vendors of Burma to the high-end restaurants across the metropolitan cities like Mandalay and Yangon, we promise you a  scintillating experience of tastes and flavours that are unheard of!

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Our signature one bowl meal of coconut milk with veggies and served with array of toppings. Choice of Udon, Hakka. Whole Wheat and Flat noodles.

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Raw mango shreds mixed with roasted chilly , cabbage, lettuce and brown onion.

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Sago cooked with Burmese palm jaggery-thanya topped with coconut custard.


There is a story in tea that is inspiring in its expression. It is a tale that starts with a tiny seedling which evolves through the influence of soil, rainfall, sunshine, temperature and the skill of the tea planter. Eventually it offers the tender green shoots of the now matured “Camellia Sinensis” plant, which is then skilfully harvested by hand. We, at Burma Burma, strive for a new level of tea experience for a discerning palate. Each tea and herb is expertly selected and artfully composed to offer a taste that is exceptional. Our range offers tea for every mood and occasions.

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